Awesome Mail Buggy (Aug, 1950)

This car is so damn cool. I wish I had one.

Mail Buggy
Plowing through the mud roads near Bartelso, Ill., is a weird vehicle that combines the traits of a tractor and a car. It was built for a rural mail carrier whose route carried him over wheel-deep mud roads in river-bottom land. Mounted on a Ford model-A truck chassis are four tractor wheels to give the vehicle additional road clearance and power in low speeds.

  1. Caya says: May 27, 200712:27 pm

    That IS really cool!!

  2. latente says: May 28, 20073:19 am

    Grave Digger’s grandfather?

  3. Charlie says: May 28, 200710:05 am

    I knew it reminded me of a monster truck, that’s it!

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