Baby Bottles Feed Young Porkers (Apr, 1931)

Baby Bottles Feed Young Porkers

WHEN a family of his young porkers were orphaned at the age of two days, John Vincent, a farmer of Wayne, Michigan, constructed a novel feeding trough to supply the pigs with milk. The bottles were arranged on a board as shown below.

  1. Hirudinea says: November 9, 20123:04 pm

    This could come in handy in a daycare centre.

  2. Zeppflyer says: November 9, 20128:21 pm

    We’d often have up to half a dozen bottle lambs at a time on my parents’ farm when I was young. After years of struggling to hold 4 or 5 bottles at once, while fending off another hungry lamb or two, we did finally build something like this.

  3. Grinder says: November 11, 20127:12 pm

    I suggest the caption: “Your Congress at work.”

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