Back-Seat Dial For Auto Radio (Nov, 1937)

Back-Seat Dial For Auto Radio

Back-seat control of automobile radios is made possible by a new device that fits all standard receivers. A conventional dial is mounted in the upholstery beside the rear seat of a car, and tunes the radio by means of a flexible shaft. The unit does not interfere with the regular dashboard control, and the two dials are synchronized so they always show the same station reading when either is turned.

  1. cks2008 says: January 13, 20081:23 pm

    Some vehicles do this nowadays, although all electronic. Some even have a separate tuner so that a back seater can listen to a different station on headphones.

  2. docca says: January 17, 20086:20 pm

    There’s also that little thingy that comes with some car in-dash players, the infrared remote control. Also known as “that useless crap useful for small children annoying everyone in the car during a really long car trip”.

  3. nlpnt says: January 17, 20087:20 pm

    I have to wonder how the flexible shaft would be affected by wear- would it tighten up and lose synchronization, or loosen up and pull the radio out of tune as the car bounced down a rough road?

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