Backing up your Telephone— (Jun, 1930)

This is one of those headlines that would mean something completely different today….

Backing up your Telephone—

To make your telephone and back it up with all the apparatus and supplies needed for your service is a work of infinite variety.

Buying rubber from Singapore, mica from India, conduit from Ohio—Making each year a million telephones, 15,000 miles of cable, switchboards by the trainload— Distributing supplies to 32 warehouses, holding them ready for the nation’s telephone companies— Installing the equipment in all the telephone exchanges— All this is the responsibility of Western Electric — whose dependable service of supply helps make possible dependable telephone service.

Western Electric

  1. fluffy says: August 22, 20126:09 pm

    I’m trying like crazy but I still can’t understand what that means except in the modern sense.

  2. Toronto says: August 22, 20128:59 pm

    “Back up”, noun, meaning “system meant to provide redundant services to cover outages in the primary system.” Like, the guy who covers you when you’re on vacation, or off sick. Or the process that clicks into place to wake up telephone linemen and send them out right after a big storm along with the proper tools and spare parts.

    One of my all time favorite vintage computer installations was “BUIC” (pronounced like the car, “Buick”.) Backup Up Interceptor Control.” It was a small version of the big NORAD machines in Colorado, located – elsewhere.

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