This scares me. Besides just being a generally bad idea, am I the only one who immediately thinks of the holocaust when I see this?
It’s not quite as scary as this one though.

Ills of dogs are being treated by baking in Germany. For this purpose, and to aid in scientific research, gas ovens have been installed in the Berlin veterinary university’s clinic. The application of heat to animals is said to act in the same way that a steam bath does to the human body.

  1. howarthc says: May 16, 20071:18 am

    This is how it starts mark my words.

  2. Blurgle says: May 16, 20073:22 am

    That poor dog looks terrified.

  3. Jim Dunn says: May 16, 20075:57 am

    Honestly, I’m about to get sick looking at this. As Blurgle pointed out, can you imagine how terrified these dogs must have been? And yep, I also thought of the Holocaust when I saw this.

  4. Caya says: May 16, 20077:01 am

    Yes that’s horrible! That dog DOES look terrified. I have to wonder if this is propaganda to cover up their experiments with gas chambers, prepatory to the Holocaust.

  5. Jim Dunn says: May 16, 20079:37 am

    Caya, since this issue is from 1924, nine years before Hitler came to power, I doubt there is any connection other than the creeeeeeeeeeeepy coincidence.

    Doesn’t make it any easier to look at, though.

  6. youreallstupid says: May 16, 200711:30 am

    It’s a dog with his head sticking out of an oven — a controlled oven meant to simply deliver heat to try to HELP the animal. How horribly ignorant for any of you to associate this image with the Holocaust simply because it’s German. Please explain how this could relate to the use of gas chambers by the Nazis?

    In addition to the absolutely stupid comparisons made here, you’re all talking about how terrified the dog looks. What animal wouldn’t look terrified when it’s going through a procedure or experience it doesn’t understand? It’s not like this is meant to HARM the animal, it’s meant to help it.

  7. Blurgle says: May 16, 200710:31 pm

    youreallstupid (and we’re not): I know it’s all edgy and cool for you hipsters to put down anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours, but come on: if you knew anything about dogs, you’d know that the dog is scared.

  8. Stannous says: May 17, 20073:59 pm

    These pages are filled with wonderful and strange and yes, sometimes very creepy, ideas that came from Germany.
    Since the magazines here tend be about technology and science it is not surprising that many of the ideas come from that nation which had a cultural history of scientific advancement.
    A few years after this picture was taken they applied their considerable technical skill to the extermination of whole classes of human beings.
    Two of Germany’s philosophical offspring, Communism and Nazional Socialism were an attempt to apply scientific principals to the human condition. I think we can safely say, judging by the _monumental_ failure of both, that this idea does not work too well.

    No one said there was any connection between this medical experimant and the Holocaust other than the idea of sticking a creature in an oven.

    The look on the dog’s face is pretty obvious (it is after all, one way they communicate with each other), it doesn’t take any particular insight to recognize its fear.

    And I think, had the picture been captioned differently, referring to the device as something other than an oven (sauna/steam cabinet/heater) that this whole discussion would never have taken place.

  9. Caya says: May 18, 20078:07 am

    Hitler was working behind the scenes for many, many years before he came in to power. They were secretly building up an army right after WW 1 ended, under the guise of Youth Activities. In 1925, Mein Kampf was published. In 1924, Hitler tried to seize power in the “Beer Hall Putsch” http://www.historyplace… Check here for the complete timeline: http://www.historyplace… Hitler had been working on his plans for many years by the time this article was published, so no, I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to wonder if this is propaganda to cover it up experiments Hitler might have arranged to have done.

  10. pil says: May 18, 20077:33 pm

    It’s the phrase “and to aid in scientific research” plus the year – 1924, plus the country of origin, that make the connections so obvious and frightening.

  11. swede says: November 17, 20075:45 pm

    Interesting to compare this morally indignant discussion with the comments on this article about an actual gas chamber for dogs:


  12. Dr. Weird says: March 28, 20087:07 pm

    Yum. I’d like mine well done, please.

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