Balloon Ends Discomfort in High-Altitude Flying (Dec, 1940)

Do you think you could get one of these past security now? I mean a balloon with a a nozzle could make a handy flame thrower.

Balloon Ends Discomfort in High-Altitude Flying
To make things more comfortable for passengers and pilots flying at high altitudes, Dr. Ralph Greene, Miami, Fla., physician and medical consultant to Eastern Airlines, developed the balloon device pictured at the left. Costing only a few cents, the small balloon has a nipple fitted to its neck. When high-altitude pressure becomes annoying, the passenger inserts the nipple in one nostril, closes the other with his finger, and inflates the balloon. He then squeezes the balloon slightly and swallows. In this manner, the pressure of the air within the inner ear is equalized with the outside pressure.

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