Wow. That’s a scary balloon. I’ll bet that will scare away thieves too.


To frighten birds away from a berry patch or a newly planted lawn, where they often do considerable damage in a short time, home gardeners sometimes tie a slightly inflated paper sack to a stick. When it becomes damp, however, the bag is useless, and the string is always getting fouled on the stick. A more efficient and lasting device is shown at the left.

Get a small red toy balloon, inflate it moderately, tie it, and leave the string 4 or 5 in. long. Then drive a stick into the ground and nail on top of it the tin cap of a small preserve bottle or can, letting the head of the nail project slightly. Bend the end of a short piece of stovepipe wire loosely around the nail, and bend another eye in the other end slightly beyond the edge of the tin. Tie the balloon string to the outer eye. As the breeze blows the balloon about, the wire slips around on the tin, and the string cannot catch. It will be found that even rain will not affect the balloon, which will stay inflated for days.—F. B.

  1. Stannous says: March 2, 20074:38 pm

    No, the thief-scaring one has a picture of policeman on it.

    And like the inflated snakes, eagles, and owls that you can buy today, birds quickly figure out that it is not a threat and ignore it.

  2. TimeFlies says: January 9, 20098:26 am

    Can anyone help me with a piece of stovepipe wire?

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