Balloon Tired Wagons Stop the Clatter of Milk Delivery (Aug, 1932)

This would be great. My milk man always wakes me up at five in the morning.

Balloon Tired Wagons Stop the Clatter of Milk Delivery

“NOISELESS milk” is now to be had in Boston. This does not mean that the milk makes no noise, but that no racket is created in the delivery of the liquid in the early hours of the morning.

What makes possible the soundless delivery are the new rubber tires with which Boston dairy concerns are equipping their specially-built wagons, one of which is shown in the photo at the left.

No clatter whatever is thus heard in the morning, when Bostonians are trying to grab their extra wink of sleep before rising time. The wagons weigh something like 200 lbs. less than regular wagons, and the tires are 550-200 balloons, carrying about 50 lbs. pressure. Horses wear rubber foot pads, which complete the muffling job.

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  1. Suchandra dasi says: July 28, 20084:59 pm

    You want to do the opposite for the ice-cream trucks. But actually I personally, prefer the noisier milk trucks because I my milk warm from the cow. But this is probably a modern milk delivery with ICE to keep the milk cold. So I guess it’s ok. All this modern technology brings me farther away from my food and freshness. They should just walk the cow to my door, knock and milk her right into my pail. (That way I know they don’t put water in it.)

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