Balloons on Helmet Make Targets for Cavalry Combat (Jul, 1931)

Balloons on Helmet Make Targets for Cavalry Combat

PUNCTURING a balloon on the head of an opponent with the skillful thrust of a rapier is the unique means employed by cavalry students to score points when engaging in “armed combat” at Urban Military Academy at Beverly Hills, California. The balloons are tied to the helmets of the combatants, and the first fighter to burst the balloon of an “enemy” wins the encounter.

Although swordsmanship is a thing of the past, as far as modern warfare is concerned, this kind of practice is of service in teaching agility, alertness and horsemanship. The contest is a part of the training for the annual spring maneuvers of the academy.

  1. StanFlouride says: April 30, 200912:00 pm

    From wikipedia:
    Urban Military Academy was a boarding and day school in Hollywood, California, for boys between the ages of six and fifteen, founded in 1905 by Mary McDonnell (on Melrose Avenue at Wilcox; it later moved to 11600 Beverly Blvd.) and at the time it opened “the only private school for boys in the City.” Its commandant was Major Harry Lee Black, who in 1928 helped found Black-Foxe Military Institute on Urban’s original site.

    Among its well-known students were Jackie Coogan? (Uncle Fester!), John Coleman Burroughs (son of Edgar Rice Burroughs), and (70s TV writer- including ST TOS) John Meredyth Lucas.

  2. Firebrand38 says: April 30, 20094:25 pm

    Good catch! I see that the property then became the Black-Foxe Military Institute which included Gene Wilder as a student!……

  3. Harry says: May 1, 20094:29 pm

    I wish I’d gone to school there. I always lost boardroom sword fights.

  4. WolfCloud says: July 13, 20109:45 am

    I went to Urban in the 1950s at thet time we had several movie star’s kids. Lex Barker’s son Zan, Ed Wynns grandson, Efren zymbles son, & several noted medal of honor recipients sons. Most of my class were in Vietnam myself included. Very good memories from Urban. I don’t think many are alive. I heard that alot were KIA in Nam. I use to try to keep track but it is impossible now & there is not much info about this great school.

  5. darren says: November 10, 20104:20 pm

    I can’t see any safety issues here.

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