Bank Teller’s Cage Has Fourteen Ways To Foil Holdups (Sep, 1940)

Bank Teller’s Cage Has Fourteen Ways To Foil Holdups

No matter what tactics a robber may attempt, the teller in the special bank cage pictured at the right has a card up his sleeve to foil him. Installed in the demonstration room of a company manufacturing protective devices for banks, stores, warehouses, and other places of business, the cage is equipped with fourteen separate electrical devices, most of which are hidden and capable of secret operation while the teller apparently obeys the orders of his armed “customer.” In the photograph, the teller is shown operating an alarm button under the counter with his left hand while handing over cash with his right.

  1. Don says: July 10, 20087:39 am

    What are the OTHER thirteen? I need to know what I’m up against for my next heist!

  2. Michael Patrick says: July 10, 20089:57 am

    “Bank Teller’s Cage Has Fourteen Ways To Foil Holdups”

    Based on the photo, apparently one of them is not stopping a bullet in your face.

  3. Thundercat says: July 10, 200810:00 am

    Looks like the teller is stalling until the cops come by only handing over 2 bills at a time. That should go over well.

  4. sweavo says: July 10, 200810:20 am

    Yay! fourteen chances to fumble and get shot in the head!

  5. Adrian says: July 10, 200810:28 am

    Nice thought Thundercat but I believe there is only one note being passed, although underneath it is hidden a common mousetrap which brings the number of devices to two.

  6. Rick Auricchio says: July 10, 20087:29 pm

    No, Thundercat, those are million-dollar bills!

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