BARRED — because he couldn’t entertain (Mar, 1933)

Apparently in the 1930’s failure to play an instrument was a punishable offence.

BARRED — because he couldn’t entertain
ARE you, too, ruled out, barred from parties and popularity? You are probably just as attractive, interesting, clever as any one else. Yet others always capture all the good times while you alone are left out in the cold.

Why? Find out why and the bars that shut you out will fade away and disappear. Most people who miss popularity are themselves to blame. Friends would invite you out if only you had something to add to the general gaiety. For that is why we have parties … to entertain each other.

And yet, so many think ability to entertain is a special talent. If you mention music (the greatest single factor in popularity) they say, “I can never learn to play. I’ll need a private teacher. It will cost so much, and take so long. No, not for me.”
They remain barred outsiders because they don’t realize that no one need be a musical genius to learn to play . . . that thousands have acquired a musical education without teachers, tremendous expense, tedious practicing and boring scales.

Forget Theories—Do What 600,000 Others Have Done

Already, over six hundred thousand men and women have chosen this new method of learning music, many just as discouraged as you now. And every single one of them chose this method of learning to play their favorite instrument. Most started towards popularity by coming across such an advertisement as this. At first they may have doubted that a way had been found to make learning to play easy and inexpensive instead of boring and costly.

But all proved to their own satisfaction that they could learn to play at home, without a teacher, in half the usual time, and at a cost of only a few cents a day! Make up your mind to read this offer through. Take advantage of the opportunity it brings you, yet place yourself under no obligation . . . the offer that convinced over six hundred thousand that the U. S. School of Music Method was the ideal way to learn to play.

Send for Free Booklet And Demonstration Lesson

The U. S. School of Music will send you a complete, explanatory booklet and a Free Demonstration Lesson. All you promise is to read through both book and lesson— thoroughly. Nothing more, because once you see this booklet, you will be convinced that you, too, can learn to play your favorite instrument. You won’t have to be urged. You will urge us to hurry your first lessons to you.

That’s a fair offer, isn’t it? You have to be satisfied before you begin.
If you want popularity, if you would like to be able to entertain and surprise your friends, to make real music—jazz or classical —roll from your finger tips the minute you sit down to play— ACT NOW! Mail this coupon today! No obligation. Instruments supplied when needed, cash or credit
U.S. School of Music,
2623 Brunswick Building, New York City.

Please send me your free book, “How You Can Master Music in Your own Home,” with inspiring message by Dr. Frank Crane, Free Demonstration Lesson and particulars of your easy payment plan. I am interested in the following course:
Have You Instrument?………

Pick Your Instrument
Piano Cello
Organ Mandolin
Ukulele Harp
Cornet Saxophone
Trombone Flute
Piccolo Clarinet
Guitar Violin
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Automatic Finger
Banjo (Plectrum, 5-String or Tenor)
Italian and German Accordion
Harmony and Composition
Juniors’ Piano Course

  1. phil says: August 18, 20086:48 am

    surly having one pointy ear and one round one was entertainment enough

  2. Paul says: February 7, 20108:21 pm

    Ha! Just wait til I’m an accordion master, then everyone will want me to come to their do!

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