IF ONE of your bunch can scare up a barrel, that barrel will furnish staves for a dozen skis. You will see by the diagram that a piece of board is fastened several inches forward of the center of the stave, and that a house slipper is nailed to this board. If you lack a slipper, cut down an old shoe or overshoe. For a more efficient ski, smooth the sole with sandpaper, then rub in linseed oil and polish with floor wax.

If the skis do not rack straight, cut a groove in the bottom of the skis with a routing chisel. Do not rout out too much. A groove about 1/4-inch wide and 1/4-inch deep will do nicely to pack the snow under the ski and hold the user on his course.

  1. Eamonn says: July 16, 20099:54 pm

    I know ski design has changed over the years but standing forward of the center seems like a good way to fall on your face. Or are these special cross-country skis?

  2. Jari says: August 5, 20095:54 pm

    Definetly not for cross-country skiinig, as they are concave throughout their length, they’re only good for having fun in backyard downhills.

  3. Firebrand38 says: August 5, 20096:55 pm

    Convex, I think you mean.

  4. Jari says: August 5, 200910:14 pm

    True, now that I checked the definitons. My bad.

  5. Jari says: August 5, 200910:16 pm

    Btw, Firebrand, thanks for correcting my errors. By now, you might have realized, that English is not not my first languagae. 🙂

  6. Firebrand38 says: August 5, 200911:28 pm

    Jari: Your English is a LOT better than any foreign language I allegedly know.

  7. Toronto says: August 6, 200912:10 am

    Piet Hien, a Dane, once wrote:

    Everything’s either concave or -vex
    So whatever you dream will be something with sex.

    (He was a friend of Einstein, and quite possibly one of the more fascinating minds of the mid-twentieth century. Me, I like his gruks.)

  8. Toronto says: August 6, 200912:12 am

    Also see “Peanuts”, July 9, 1957. “What in the world are barrel staves?”

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 6, 20098:05 am

    Toronto: “Everything’s either concave or -vex”?

    Unless it’s flat.

    5000 comedians out of work and a physicist has to crack wise.

    And his name was spelled Hein.

  10. Randy says: August 6, 20092:12 pm

    The surface to which the slippers are nailed is concave throughout its length… I’m just an engineer and can see that. 🙂

  11. Firebrand38 says: August 6, 20092:59 pm

    Randy: And the side on the snow is convex. So what?

  12. Randy says: August 6, 20093:56 pm

    Point being, everything is relative based on your frame of reference. 🙂

  13. Firebrand38 says: August 6, 20094:03 pm

    Randy: Okay Obi-Wan

  14. Randy says: August 6, 20094:11 pm

    Oh, at my age I’m more like Yoda…

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