Basic transportation for the man who hates gingerbread. (Feb, 1969)

Basic transportation for the man who hates gingerbread.

Millions of Americans are sick of gingerbread.

Of paying hundreds of dollars for chrome that’s out of date before it’s paid for.

These people want basic transportation. And nothing more.

But they are very, very particular about how they define basic transportation.

So are we.

Basic transportation is a car that doesn’t look like a roller skate.

A car you don’t have to fold up into. Or out of.

A car with enough power to keep some fool from running up your tailpipe as you accelerate onto a turnpike.

A car that doesn’t gulp gas.

Or cost you a fortune in labor every time it gets dented.

(European labor is cheap in Europe. But it’s expensive in America. As many

a foreign car owner has discovered to his dismay.)

The Rambler is basic transportation. I With a 128-horsepower engine.

With seating for six, instead of four.

With gas mileage of about 20 miles per gallon.

With an engine in the front, and a trunk in the back, and room for four suitcases in the trunk.

The Rambler lists for only $199 more than even the basic Volkswagen.

And $285 less than any other 6 cylinder American car.

Yet it has most of the advantages of both.

It’s a solid value.

Like bread and butter.

American Motors Rambler $1998

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for Rambler 2-door sedan, federal taxes included. State and local taxes, destination charges, if any, options excluded.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 26, 20114:21 pm

    “We sell a cheap car”, interesting advertising stragety.

  2. dej says: December 26, 20115:28 pm

    Ironic in that the tools that ran AMC sold themselves to Renault, who had made cars with engines in the back. I guess somethings changed over the years.

    AMC, a company that made the unforgettable Gremlin + Pacer. Oh, the irony only a few years later.

  3. Frank Wales says: December 27, 20115:34 pm

    “…every time it gets dented.”

    Is getting dented a common feature with this car, then? For example, because people hate it, or it has terrible handling, or it should only be driven by klutzes…?

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