Bath in Ocean of Soapsuds Is Latest Reducing Method (Feb, 1933)

Effective in the “reducing process”? I didn’t know that bubble baths helped you lose weight. Maybe they are talking about all the calories you’ll burn convulsing when your bath water shorts out the bubbler and electrocutes you.

Bath in Ocean of Soapsuds Is Latest Reducing Method

SLEEPING in the clouds has nothing on the “bubble bath,” the latest novelty in the way of health gadgets. This device consists of a waterproof electric motor and pump, which connects with a series of long perforated metal tubes placed in the bottom of the bathtub. Air emitted from these tubes causes the water in the tub to bubble and splash like a miniature surf.

By the addition of a teaspoonful of non-alkali soap a heavy foam will form as demonstrated in the accompanying photo. The device has received the approval of eminent medical authorities both as an invigorating bath and as an effective reducing process.

  1. David Moisan says: March 16, 20085:40 am

    A Jacuzzi with bubbles! I don’t have one, but it’s hard to believe people don’t do that.

  2. Brother Phil says: March 16, 200812:25 pm

    I’ve got one of those mats that you put in the bath – I think filling the bathroom with bubbles is the first thing that anyone tries with one of those. My little boy found it very amusing.

  3. Mags says: March 16, 200812:48 pm

    Didn’t Herb Alpert use this photo as the cover for one of his albums in the 1960s?

  4. blokeice says: February 19, 20102:30 pm

    im not sure which is scarier in this picture, the vacant look the woman has on her face like she is about to slip into the bubbles and drown, or the pile of soap suds which is dripping danerously close to the electronic bubbler.

  5. Jari says: February 20, 20106:02 pm

    You missed the “waterproof”.

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