Bathing Cap Has Suction Cups (May, 1932)

Bathing Cap Has Suction Cups
A WATER-PROOF bathing cap now on the market is provided with a one-inch band, consisting of three rows of scientifically designed suction cups, which permits the cap to fit over the head perfectly so as to exclude all water. The wearer merely moistens the suction cups, tucks the hair up inside past the cup band, and thereby becomes prepared for a comfortable swim.

  1. katey says: February 2, 200911:17 pm

    I took swimming lessons at the Boys Club (or the Boys & Girls Club I guess) when I was a kid and I had to wear my mother’s old yellow rubber bathing cap. It had suction cups in it, just as described above…. luckily it wasn’t from 1932, but closer to 1972.

  2. rsterling78 says: February 2, 200911:54 pm

    Wouldn’t this create a pock-marked ring around the head?

  3. Mike says: February 3, 200910:27 am

    Sure you would have little red dots, but your hair would be dry so you wouldn’t look ridiculous!

  4. Al says: February 3, 200912:17 pm

    Re:Rows of dots:

    Why does the symbiote Dax from ST: DS9 come to mind here (played by Terry Farrell)?

  5. beagledad says: February 3, 20095:10 pm

    After removal, the swimmer will look like she’d been attacked by a vicious octopus . . . .

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