Bathing Suits Made Of Cork (Nov, 1939)

Bathing Suits Made Of Cork
BATHING suits made of cork have become the latest fad on the beaches of Italy. Designed in the most modern styles, the cork suits are not only attractive in appearance, but they also give buoyancy to the swimmer.

  1. glindsey says: December 3, 200712:15 pm

    Note to people wearing cork bathing suits: be sure they’re strapped onto you really well, or they might very well float right off of you.

    How did they manage to make the cork pliable enough that it wouldn’t crumble? Or was it encased in some sort of fabric? It doesn’t appear to be in the photo.

  2. Neil Russell says: December 3, 20071:35 pm

    I guess it would give you a place to pin your car keys 😉

  3. Rowan Bulpit says: December 4, 20072:51 am

    A walking notice board! Now why didn’t >I

  4. NikFromNYC says: January 11, 200810:10 pm

    Camel Toe Alert #2. The other one is on this site, too, in a picture about…ugh…I can’t remember…uh…it was from the uninhibited ’30s…was it bathing suits made of milk? No, no…uh…it wasn’t as good as the artist’s rendition of “Ghost Therapists” with the gal in the painted-on red sweater…ah…FOUND IT: “Harpoon-Rifle Spears Fish.” Do a search. Well worth it. Better than National Geographic kiddie porn from the same era.

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