Battery Flashlight Gives Positive Gun Sight in Darkness (Mar, 1932)

Battery Flashlight Gives Positive Gun Sight in Darkness

A GUN sight for night firing, which may be attached to any revolver or pistol, has recently been patented and will soon be marketed by Ray Helm of Chicago, Ill.

The device, which has been especially designed for night police duty, consists of six small powerful condensers, an electric bulb, a special reflector, and a switch to make contact with small batteries.

When the gun is aimed and the switch pressed by the thumb of the gun hand the light indicates where the bullet will strike. The light carries for 250 feet and reflects on the target a light round spot about the size of a baseball at the point where the bullet will hit.

The sight is accurate up to its full range on large calibre arms, as the point blank range, for which no allowance need be made for gravity, is usually about this distance. On smaller arms it would be necessary to aim the light a few inches above the point for which the bullet is intended.

  1. lcs says: November 9, 20111:23 pm

    As the illustration shows, cops needed surefire aim to land a mortal gut-wound to a fleeing petty thief. Wouldn’t a head shot be better? You could blind him into helplessness while pulling the trigger.

  2. whoozle whaazle says: November 9, 20111:53 pm

    Ah so the robber is going to get shot in the kidney then …

    Reminds me a lot of the SureFire gun lights nowadays but probably loads brighter and has a longer run time.

  3. Hirudinea says: November 9, 20113:57 pm

    The light trigger seems to be similar to a laser trigger put on guns today.

  4. Mike says: November 10, 20114:48 pm

    lcs, When someone is trained with firearms, (military, police, hunters) they are taught to aim for the largest surface area, which would be the chest area.

  5. GaryM says: November 11, 20116:28 am

    Wouldn’t it pinpoint the cop as a target on a dark night?

  6. ASM826 says: November 15, 20116:43 am

    Can I get a Kydex retention holster for a Police positive in .38 with this light mounted?

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