BE A FROGMAN! (Jan, 1952)


Join the new national FROGMAN CLUB today. All you have to do is send $1.00—be sure
to include your name and address—and here’s what you get:
1) A miniature pair of Frog: Feet. Can be worn on key chain, lapel or hung on windshield as lucky charm.
2) An attractive membership card.
3) A Frogman decal to be used on your windshield, bicycle or notebook.
4) A booklet on “How To Swim Underwater” and “The Supreme Sport of Spearfishing”.
5) Periodic bulletins on the latest developments in Frogman equipment and news.
6) Complete catalog of Frogman equipment available for purchase.
7) A free coupon for $1.00, which can be used toward the purchase of a pair of regular size Frog Feet, $6.95 or equivalent in value. This is redeemable at your local sporting goods dealer, drug store, auto supply store or toy departments. If no such dealer available in your area, we will handle direct.

BE A FROGMAN — Send your dollar today!

Sea-Net Mfg. Co, 1428 Maple Avenue. Dept. PM-1, Los Angeles, 15, Calif.

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