Be the “Tom Brown” of Your Town (Oct, 1923)

I think I’ll pass.

Be the “Tom Brown” of Your Town

You may have the talent to develop into a Saxophone wizard like Tom Brown, of the famous Tom Brown’s Clown Band, the highest priced musical act, and enjoy this most pleasant of vocations. Buescher Instruments have helped make famous Tom Brown, Paul Whiteman, Joseph C. Smith, Clyde C. Doerr, Bennie Krueger, Dan Russo, Paul Specht, Carl Fenton, Ross Gorman, Arnold Johnson, Nathan Glantz and thousands of others. $500 to $1,000 weekly for but two hours a day is not uncommon for musicians of such ability to earn.

Buescher True-Tone Saxophone

The Buescher Saxophone is so perfected and simplified that it is the easiest of all musical instruments to learn. It is the one instrument that everyone can play—and it wholly satisfies that craving everybody has to personally produce music- You can learn the scale in an hour’s practice, play popular music in a few weeks and take your place in an Orchestra or Band within 90 days, if you so desire. Nothing can take the place of a Saxophone for home entertainment, church, lodge, school. It increases the pleasure you get out of life, increases your popularity and your opportunities.

Saxophone Book FREE After nearly 300 years’ supremacy, string instruments are almost entirely displaced by Saxophones in all nationally popular orchestras. Our Free Saxophone Book tells which Saxophone takes violin, cello and bass parts, and many other things you would like to know. Ask for your copy.

Buescher Band Instrument Co.

Makers of Everything in Band and Orchestra Instruments 2541 Buescher Block, Elkhart, Indiana Free Trial—Easy Payments You may order any Buescher Saxophone. Cornet, Trumpet Trombone or other Band or Orchestral Instrument without paying in advance, and try it six days in your own home, without obligation. If perfectly satisfied, pay for it on easy payments to suit your convenience. Mention the instrument interested in and a complete catalog will be mailed free.

  1. Slim says: May 11, 200811:31 am

    If Tom Brown was such a good saxophone player, why did he need the black face and stupid looking costume?

  2. MarkJ says: August 24, 20088:41 am

    Funny thing, Tom Brown was probably a better sax player than “KISS” are collectively guitar players. Both adopted stupid costumes, but guess who made a billion dollars?

  3. mike says: February 17, 20091:13 pm

    “Mr. Brown, I have some good news for you! The employment agency has found the perfect job for you! Make sure you bring your own baggy white pants and blackface make-up. You will be supplied the sax. Congrats!”

    Actually I have had worse jobs!

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