BEACH BUGGY (Aug, 1957)

Damn! That’s a cool looking Beach Buggy.

BEACH BUGGY with the jaunty look is for vacation fun, another design by the imaginative Giovanni Michelotti. It is Vignale-built on Fiat Multipla chassis.

  1. Don says: December 4, 20077:22 am

    Beach baby, Beach Baby give me your hand; Give me somethin’ that I can remember . . . .

  2. Craig says: December 4, 20079:05 am

    I bet the borders on those seats are red. Man, I’d like to drive that thang around town.

  3. Craig says: December 4, 20079:10 am

    As a note: it’s really too bad that the struts on the back end of that future-iffic roof had to be installed. I don’t imagine that they were in the original drawing.

  4. K!P says: December 4, 200710:29 am

    i like it!

  5. Mike Flugennock says: December 4, 200711:18 am

    That’s certainly cuter than hell, in a sort of customized Monkeemobile fashion, but a “beach buggy”?

    For one thing, where’s the specialized tires and suspension for driving in sand without being immediately stuck and buried up to the axles?

  6. jb says: December 4, 20077:43 pm

    The Multipla was such an innovative vehicle – the original minivan.

  7. abSINthe says: December 16, 20079:25 pm

    OMG I want it! It reminds me of a bumper car.

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