Beading “Dresses Up” Auto (Dec, 1937)

Beading “Dresses Up” Auto

MOTORISTS are able to accentuate the graceful lines of their autos through use of a combination of molding and beading developed by a St. Louis, Mo., firm. Use of the combination material is said to make the body appear longer and low-swung without obscuring the make of the auto.

The combination consists of a streamlined radiator grille and a series of raised molding strips which are carried back along the panels of the doors and sides of the auto, ending in a narrow, graceful sweep at the rear. Strips are obtainable in colors.

  1. Stannous says: January 28, 20089:49 pm

    You can still buy these at Kragen’s

  2. Blurgle says: January 29, 20083:58 am

    Pimp Grandpa’s Ride!

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