I would have killed for one of these when I was a kid.


The model C SKY RIDE ……………………………………………. $7.95
Includes two towers 25″ high, one illuminated car with automatic controlled motor to stop and start oar at towers, two 32″ rails to make span of 64″ between towers. Beautifully finished in attractive enamel color.

The model B SKY RIDE ………………………. $14.50
Same as above with two cars, each motorized with automatic control and remote control for each car. Four sections 32″ rail to make double span between towers of 64″.

The model A SKY RIDE ………………………. $19.75

This is the model pictured with searchlights atop the towers. The towers are 32″ high. The cars are finished in aluminum and have automatic control to stop and start them at towers. The cars are illuminated and a remote control switch is included to control the cars by hand.
All sets operate on 6-8 V A.C. or D.C. current. Extra 32″ sections rail to increase span between towers to 96″ or 128″. Rail……..$1.00 per section.

We make a complete line of monorail toy railways as pictured at right. Priced at $8.85. $12.50, $20.00 and up.
For complete descriptive literature send ten cents in coin to:

Aero Monorail Company, Dept. S 2,
2712 Big Bend Blvd., Saint Louis, Mo.

  1. Stannous says: February 6, 200712:52 pm

    Using the comparative wage scale today these would cost:
    Type C- $351.05
    Type B- $640.28
    Type A- $872.11

    Pretty expensive toys!

  2. Charlie says: February 6, 20071:04 pm

    Wow, that’s crazy.

    What converter did you use?

  3. Stannous says: February 6, 200710:50 pm

    This is the one (I chose the comparative wage numbers since they seemed the best compromise between cost and earning power)

  4. jayessell says: February 7, 20075:24 am

    a) Shouldn’t the cost be recalculated for inflation (the value of money) rather than prevailing wages?

    b) I wonder what the mint-in-box collectable value would be today?

  5. Steve Schuler says: March 11, 200812:47 pm

    Has anyone ever seen one of these Skyride toys? Were they ever made?

  6. Deanna Nation says: June 30, 200910:00 pm

    Hi , I am looking for a track to this exact ski ride set if you knw were a can get one please
    contact me. I am looking for one. The man I take care of has the whole set but the track has come up missing and we need one. Please contact me at [email protected]

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