Beauty Takes a Beating (Feb, 1940)

Beauty Takes a Beating

WHAT women will do to make themselves more beautiful is strikingly illustrated by the pictures on this page. The devices which today’s beauty experts have cooked up to improve on nature look like weird contraptions out of an Edgar Allan Poe horror tale. Torquemada, supreme inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, would undoubtedly blush with shame if he were alive to see the tortures which he overlooked during his reign of terror.

No sir, the next time we get to thinking about what an easy life the ladies lead, we’ll just turn to this page, take a squint at these pictures, and breath a deep sigh of relief that we’re of the opposite sex.

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  1. Marc says: February 17, 20091:04 pm

    The essence of lying… I would certainly beat out a woman would do that to please me.

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