Become a well-paid computer programmer (Jun, 1970)

Yes, if you become a computer programmer chicks will dig you. Learn to say the words every woman loves to hear: “Do not fold, spindle or mutilate”

Don’t waste your life in a dead-end job!

Become a well-paid computer programmer – this free McGraw-Hill booklet tells you how.

Now you can train at home in your spare time, for a career in this new, exciting field.
More than 50,000 programmers are needed now; many more will be needed within the next few years.
No college or technical background required. All you need is a logical mind and proper training. People from virtually every walk of life have found success in computer programming.
This new course has been developed by experts. CREI/McGraw-Hill has trained thousands of men and women for better jobs through home study and has an unmatched reputation in educational circles.
No stamp needed. This fold-over coupon forms i a postpaid envelope. Cut along dotted line. Fold, seal, tape or staple and mail.

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  1. SSS says: May 18, 20104:16 pm

    “And your new good-paying job will start disappearing 17 years from now” because we got greedy and decided to import substandard workers from overseas in order to [a] reduce costs and [b] help the economy by keeping the population growing.

    They left that part out.

    See Prof. Norm Matloff’s pages for more:


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