Beer belongs… enjoy it (Jun, 1949)

Beer belongs… enjoy it

In this home-loving land of ours… in this America of kindliness, of friendship, of good-humored tolerance… perhaps no beverages are more “at home” on more occasions than good American beer and ale.

For beer and ale are the kinds of beverages Americans like. They belong—to pleasant living, to good fellowship, to sensible moderation. And our right to enjoy them, this too belongs—to our own American heritage of personal freedom.


  1. TomB says: September 16, 20108:02 am

    I did a double-take. Hurriedly skipping the e and l in “Belongs” changes the ad significantly.

  2. TomB says: September 16, 20108:03 am

    …although the grammer leaves something to be desired.

  3. Tim says: September 16, 20108:12 am

    It’s funny how these days, “America’s Beverage of Moderation” is available in 36-packs.
    Last time I went to the store it was hard to find a plain ol’ 12-pack, just 18+ crates.

    Although drinking 18 beers DOES help you feel the “American heritage of personal freedom.”

  4. KenC says: September 16, 20109:06 am

    There was a whole series of these. I used to have them hanging in my office at a brewery.

  5. Kosher Ham says: September 16, 201010:09 am

    In California it is wine!

  6. Repack Rider says: September 16, 20107:49 pm

    The ad works pretty hard to convince us that beer is “American.” Was there a time when it wasn’t?

  7. Toronto says: September 16, 20108:19 pm

    Blue Suit guy is pointing to where they are now – Atlanta, while Brown Suit guy is checking out their destination – a brewery tour of southern Ontario. I suggest starting at C’est What in Toronto, sample some from the area, then go out to Waterloo on the GO bus, see 2-3 breweries, spend the night. Then on to Guelph by shuttle coach to see Wellington County and F&M. Return to Tornto by GO Train, finish off at SteamWhistle Brewery at the base of the CN Tower, then fly home on – who else? – _Porter_ Airlines from the downtown Island Airport.

    THAT’S why the overt AMERICAN references – they’re trying to stop all this international beer tourism.

  8. Yoda says: September 22, 20107:37 am

    The message here is “Beer: It’s not just for swarthy ethnic types anymore”.

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