Bell Labs: A MODERN SYLLOGISM (Mar, 1945)

Translation: At Bell Labs even our marketing drones are total geeks.


Bell Telephone System serves the American Public.

Bell Telephone Laboratories develop the facilities of the Bell System.

Therefore, Bell Laboratories serve the American Public.

And that is the raison d’etre of the Laboratories. For the Bell Telephone System, the Laboratories carry on research studies in all the sciences and development work in all the engineering arts that relate to electrical communication.

For the Western Electric Company, the manufacturing unit of the System, the Laboratories develop equipment, prepare specifications for its construction, and engage in various engineering activities.

For the Armed Forces of the United States, under contracts of the Western Electric, the Laboratories have undertaken more than a thousand development projects — many with spectacular effect upon our enemies.

BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES explore and invent, devise and perfect for our Armed Forces of war and for continued improvements and economies in telephone service

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