BENDABLE BUS IS B…I…G! (Aug, 1957)


New accordion-pleated bus provides lush comfort, hostess service and free lunch.

OLD travelers over the Denver-Pueblo bus route are in for a big surprise on their next trip unless they’ve been reading about Continental Trailways’ new German coaches that bend in the middle, offer free refreshments, a rolling rest room, music and hostess service. Typical of the luxury coaches of Europe, the buses open a new era in bus travel in this country.

  1. jayessell says: December 6, 20079:50 am

    Does it have a bowling alley?…

  2. Neil Russell says: December 6, 200712:32 pm

    I don’t even have to look at the link to remember the Coyote Cyclops.
    Motor Trend magazine did an article on the big bus that year and played it straight, after all it was the April issue!
    It’s the first thing I thought of too 😉

  3. Tuckeroo says: December 6, 20072:24 pm

    I always find it strange that MM would often leave out such helpful information as who manufactured what. But if anyone’s interested in that kind of thing, the bus is a German-built Kassbohrer articulated model for Continental Trailways (one of two which they designated as “Academy Express”). It can be read about here:…

  4. Red says: December 6, 20079:01 pm

    My we used to have these buses back in the 90s between the big interchanges, but then they went out of fashion again!

  5. Orv says: December 6, 200710:14 pm

    Some cities still use articulated buses on high-ridership routes. They’re a very common sight around Seattle. I think the length is the same, too — 60 feet.

  6. K!P says: December 7, 20074:27 am

    we have loads of these drinving around in the netherlands, only too bad they missed the free snack part.

  7. Al Ramey says: December 7, 20077:39 pm

    We have had artics for many years now on Seattle Metro. They are and have all been sixty feet long. The first ones we had were MAN (1400 series), then MAN (2000 series) some of them were still operating in Chicago the last I heard. Then the dual mode Breda (5000 series) now retired and sixty-five of them converted to straight electric trolley ooaches. There are also some MAN electric artic trolley coaches. Then we received the New Flyer diesel artics, and most recently the New Flyer low floor diesel artics and the low floor New Flyer, Allison and Caterpillar hy-brid artics which operate in the downtown bus tunnel in a “Hush Mode” from the batteries and just after clearing the tunnel they revert back to straight diesel.They are bears when it snows. The driver axle is in the trailer. It is like pushing a chain. We just hope for our Seattle rain. Al

  8. jayessell says: December 8, 20075:16 pm

    Check this out:…

    00:29 to 00:38

  9. blast says: December 8, 200710:53 pm

    The modern descendants are here at this page on articulated buses:…

  10. Richard says: December 9, 20075:45 am

    “Bendy Buses” have proved quite successful in the UK too –….

    And here’s a 360 degree internal view, for anybody who’s never had the chance to ride one.…

  11. AnneC says: December 10, 20078:03 pm

    We have these all over the place here (I live in the San Jose, CA area). It’s fun to sit in the seat right where the accordion pleat is — you get a much more exciting ride!

  12. jayessell says: December 10, 20078:18 pm

    Not as exciting as #8 I hope!

    Wow! 12 posts!

  13. Julian Turner says: January 11, 20086:53 am

    Hamburg even has bi-articulated buses!… (PDF link, German)

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