Bendix electro-span (Apr, 1956)

Liquid levels monitored hundreds of miles from your central office by Bendix electro-span!

Important storage reservoirs for water, crude oil, gas, brine and other liquids are located in many remote and isolated sections of this country. It takes crews of men stationed at these points to keep a constant check of volumes and to open and close valves to balance supply and demand. The work is lonely, expensive to maintain, and sometimes dangerous.

Licks many problems

Now Bendix electro-span can take over the entire job. It’s a completely automatic remote measuring and control system that makes measurements in oil storage tanks, controls flow in water systems, completely operates unattended power and weather observation stations—all from a central location. Liquid level, flow, temperature, electrical quantities, pressure or shaft position are types of information electro-span delivers immediately.

Controls as well

The system also acts in reverse, enabling the operator to control pumps, valves, motors and circuit breakers at remote locations, electro-span can be used over any communication link such as telephone or telegraph lines or by radio or microwave.

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