Berlin Installs First Stamp Vending Machine (Feb, 1929)

Berlin Installs First Stamp Vending Machine

BERLIN postal authorities have adopted a new invention that promises to be of real help to all. The automatic stamp vending machine which can be attached to trolley wire posts will relieve a long felt need. The photograph shows a customer operating the crank that produces the stamps. How many times have letters been written, only to be carried in the pocket because there was no stamp with which to post it! The Berlin idea is very simple. They plan to place a vending machine near every postal box in the city. The vending machine in itself is not new, but this application is novel. The machine is simple in construction. The stamps are manufactured on rolls by the printing house. These rolls fit into the machine. A magnetic coin tester unlocks the crank when a coin has been placed in the slot. The crank then turns out the number of stamps that the machine is prescribed to deliver.

American drug stores have been the principal users of the stamp vender.

  1. Casandro says: September 26, 20094:30 pm

    Today they have machines which actually print stamps. However they don’t give you any change, only stamps. So I tend to take my change by ordering lots and lots of 1 cent stamps which probably cost more to print than they are worth.

  2. Beagledad says: October 13, 20091:25 pm

    First you put in stamp vending machines, then the next thing you know the Nazis have taken over.

  3. Firebrand38 says: October 13, 20094:12 pm

    Wow! Another out of work comedian with access to a computer.

  4. George says: October 26, 20097:09 pm

    “Yes, I saw the building burning so I pulled the lever on the fire alarm and a stamp came out. Should I send a postcard to report it?”

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