Best for honeys like you – ever since Mother was a baby, too! (Jun, 1954)

I knew the word pablum (or pabulum), but I didn’t realize the current meaning actually was inspired by this product.

Best for honeys like you – ever since Mother was a baby, too!

Asleep now, but soon his growing appetite will be demanding attention. He craves variety … and gets it from the four different-tasting Pablum cereals … so easy to digest . . . high in nutritional values so important right up through his third year.

No one knows better than your doctor the many problems mother faces in keeping baby strong and healthy. Visit him regularly with baby. And remember, too, the importance of feeding baby a cereal prepared just for him. Pablum cereals are the products of a company specializing in formula, vitamin, cereal, and pharmaceutical products for infants, children and adults.

4 varieties at your druggist’s or grocer’s

Pablum® is the original pre-cooked cereal made only by Mead Johnson & Company, world famous for nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

  1. Toronto says: March 16, 201211:08 am

    Invented at “Sick Kids” Hospital here in Toronto.

  2. Clay says: March 16, 20122:57 pm

    Yes indeed.
    My birth year is 1943 and Dr. Allan Brown was my pediatrician , one of the 4 at Sick Kids who invented Pablum.
    Best regards,

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