Best Support for Rupture Is the Human Hand (Feb, 1938)

Best Support for Rupture Is the Human Hand

The Brooks Appliance most closely resembles the human hand as a rupture support.

Why worry and suffer with that rupture any longer? Learn about my perfected invention. It has brought ease, comfort and happiness to
thousands who suffered from reducible rupture. It has an Automatic Air Cushion which softly yet securely holds the rupture in any position. No steel springs or pads. No salves or plasters. Durable, cheap. Sent on trial to prove it. Beware of Imitations. Never sold in stores nor by agents. Write today for full information sent free in plain, sealed envelope.

BROOKS CO., 136-D State St., Marshall, Mich.

  1. fluffy says: June 12, 20078:38 am

    I… uh…

    I hope rupture is a euphemism for something.

  2. Kryten007 says: June 12, 20073:12 pm

    Yeah… Whaaaaa???

  3. Charlie says: June 12, 20073:23 pm

    Yeah, I know. That was my reaction too when I saw it in the magazine.

  4. Blurgle says: June 12, 20077:55 pm

    I’m glad I’m not the only one whose mind went into the gutter with this one.

    “Rupture” = hernia, by the way. The first really effective and safe operation for rupture was devised by Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice of Toronto between 1939 and 1945. (Previous techniques didn’t always work that well and forced the patient to spend weeks in bed afterwards.) Dr. Shouldice died in 1965, but his hospital, now the Shouldice Hernia Centre, is still one of the world’s main hernia repair centres.

  5. jane says: September 19, 20074:25 pm

    What about the importance of scientific lubrication that I learned about in the Mobil Ad?

    All I know is that his human hand is headed for the danger zone.

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