Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives (Apr, 1923)

Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives

By using the mixer and automatic oil dropper shown above, French dressing to please the most fastidious palate is guaranteed, as the oil can be measured by the drop.

To protect fine glass and china from hard porcelain, flexible boards of soft wood are designed to fit over sink edges, on drainboards, or on the sink bottom.

This rubber scraper will clean dishes, pots, and pans effectively, due to a surface that is resistant but not hard. It therefore will not scratch the article being cleaned.

For the sickroom, dining room, or kitchen, this door hook, replacing the usual knob, permits the busy woman to open the door easily when passing from room to room with both hands full. Pulling the hook turns the latch.

To determine just what grade of eggs your chickens are supplying, place large end of egg at right angles to the bar, and the scale will show whether egg is in the peewee, pullet, or standard class.

Waxed paper can now be obtained in a box—containing 125 feet of paper—that is fitted with a sharp edge, enabling the easy cutting of whatever quantity is desired.

This switchlight glows as long as current flows through the electric iron. As a result, the housewife never neglects to turn the current off when her work is finished.

Again electricity proves its value in the kitchen. The beating appliance illustrated above will mix cake batter, eggs, or cream more thoroughly than can the human arm.

  1. Zeppflyer says: December 5, 20129:16 am

    Rubber spatulas and rolls of wax paper in a box. Those’ve certainly stuck around.

    The sink guard’s a good idea. I might need to work one up out of foam for washing up after company.

  2. awbrynes says: December 5, 201210:14 am

    Is it just me or does the woman showing off the electric mixer look really creepy.

  3. Toronto says: December 6, 20121:24 pm

    @awbrynes: So does Nurse Ratched in the center.

  4. Zeppflyer says: December 12, 20125:19 am

    And I hope that that was a bad hair day for the woman with the rubber spatula.

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