Mechanical ingenuity of narcotic smugglers is constantly being tested in devising new methods of bringing their contraband goods safely into the country. The picture shows a Bible which has been hollowed out in the center to provide a hiding place for thousands of dollars worth of morphine and other opiates. The book was confiscated by Internal Revenue inspectors.

  1. Wickedashtray says: March 29, 200812:35 pm

    Thats for an individual junkie, not a “smuggler” of mass amounts. You can tell by the pills (they would be crushed and mixed with water), syringe and cooker.

    I know, I was an addict for over 20 years.

  2. Stannous says: March 29, 20085:34 pm

    And with that seizure the War on Drugs was over.

  3. oldest says: March 30, 20083:15 am

    A hollowed out book. Will wonders never cease.

  4. Blurgle says: March 31, 20084:41 pm

    Thousands of dollars?

    My mother was given morphine for some years before she died. That’s about $10 Canadian worth of legal morphine.

    Of course, maybe it would have been worth thousands on the street in the US in 1928.

  5. Vozpit says: March 31, 20088:01 pm

    Yeah, but which messes you up more, the drugs or the bible?

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