New Bicycle Gearshift & Man with telephoto eyes (May, 1934)

Bicycle Gearshift Makes Hill Climbing Easy for Cyclists

CYCLISTS no longer have to jump off and push their wheels up the steeper hills, now that a bicycle gearshift is available.

The high gear is used for normal riding; the rider has but to shift to low gear, and ride up the steepest of grades in comfort. The coaster brake functions as usual with both gears.

In one type the gear selection is controlled by a lever on the frame; in the other the shifting is done by a foot-controlled lever on the pedal crank.

One-wheel Trailer Folds Up on Car

THE latest in trailers, a one-wheel affair that folds up against the spare tire when not in use, is finding great popularity among English motorists.

A single caster wheel automatically reverses or turns with the car. The luggage rack trailer is hinged to rear bumper at two points.

Eyes Magnify Objects 100 Times

ALVA MASON of Minot, Maine, has eyes which magnify everything within his range of vision one hundred times, making pores appear as deep holes in the skin. He wears demagnifying glasses when at work, since his range of acute vision is limited.

Luncheon Trays for Motorists

A TRAY which tits inside any closed car permits motorists patronizing curb service stands to enjoy food and drink as if they were sitting at a table. The tray can be instantly leveled by turning a thumb screw. No crumbs need get on the upholstery.

New Crystal Radio Is Powerful

THE latest in crystal sets, housed in a beautiful black Bakelite case, has even an illuminated tuning dial. It is claimed that the quality and volume of reception far exceeds that of any ether crystal receiver. No batteries are needed—only aerial, ground, and headphones.

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  1. Eliyahu says: May 26, 20082:04 pm

    What was supposed to be so new and progressive about geared bicycles in the 1930s? The first Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub was on the market in 1903, and derailleur gears came out in the 1920s…

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