Big Fish Caught By Electrocution (Sep, 1931)

Big Fish Caught By Electrocution

A CLEVER California fisherman, Capt. Guy Silva, has perfected a novel and efficient method of landing 200 and 300 pound fish with the minimum amount of labor.

He electrocutes them!

Although the method devised by Captain Silva took him several years to perfect, the device is comparatively simple and can easily be made by anyone.

The accompanying sketch shows the construction of the device and illustrates how the big fish are electrocuted. Voltage needed is 120 volts DC, taken off either a generator or a battery. The generator must be 3 K.W. capacity, as it takes at least 30 amperes 50 seconds to kill a big tuna, though ordinarily they are only stunned when brought to gaff.

The 14 foot pole is of ordinary bamboo about two inches through at the butt end, with a metal contactor on the tip end connected by cable to the positive side of the 120 volt system. This cable should be insulated, as shown in the accompanying drawing.

The negative side of the system is grounded in the water through a copper plate susspended by a wire from the boat.

When a fish takes the bait on the hook, he pulls the copper block into the copper contactor, thus making the contact and closing the circuit completely. This administers 120 volts to the tuna or other big game fish and kills or stuns it instantly. Thus the fish actually kills himself by closing the switch on the tip of the pole when it gobbles the hook. The largest fish which Capt. Silva has hooked, electrocuted and landed by this method is a 500 lb. shark, which gave up without a struggle.

  1. Repack Rider says: April 23, 20103:43 pm

    Besides, it’s not as noisy as dynamite fishing.

  2. Mike says: April 23, 20105:31 pm

    Not as fun either.

  3. Cristian says: April 24, 20101:20 am

    That is legal now?

  4. lunarmagpie says: April 24, 201010:26 am

    you hope you don’t end up catching a few swimmers at the same time.

  5. KD5ZS says: April 24, 201011:48 am

    There are already fish out there, such as the Pacific Electric Ray that use electricity to stun their prey. He could train the electric ray to do it for him.

  6. Armoo May says: April 24, 201011:51 am

    Yeah! Killing me softly but surely. However is the fish good to eat afterwards or is grilled when come out water?

  7. jimmy says: April 24, 20108:43 pm

    Sounds like a story of how the device eventually wound up zapping the inventor and he fell overboard only to be bit in half by a shark. Payback is a mother!#%^^$#.

  8. Firebrand38 says: April 24, 20109:26 pm

    jimmy:which story are you reading?

    He even went on to be a marine supervisor in a 1932 movie Tiger Shark…

    More to your bitten in half crack I found this legend about the Cap here at https://www.sandiegohis…

    “It was said that Captain Guy Silva, sailing out of San Diego, was fishing off Cape San Lucas when a huge leopard shark rose to the surface and drew alongside. Acting upon impulse, Silva jumped overboard and landed on the shark’s back. Shouting to his men to clear the deck, he ran the length of the shark’s back and then clambered back on board. “

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