Big Sidecar Will Tote a Small Crowd (Jan, 1956)

Big Sidecar Will Tote a Small Crowd

An overgrown sidecar turns this motorcvcle into a family affair. Put out by a London manufacturer, it’s a snug fit for five: three adults in the sidecar itself, and two on the motorcycle.

A roll top and hinged windshield (with twin wipers) can be opened for air.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: November 16, 20081:16 pm

    More like a car with a motorcycle hung on.

  2. Harry says: November 16, 20085:05 pm

    “Not for use in mountainous terrain”

  3. John M. Hanna says: November 16, 200810:14 pm

    Or one average American in the sidecar. (Because we’re so fat, see?)

  4. Jilly says: November 18, 20081:00 am

    Maximum speed: 3km/hr.

  5. Don says: November 18, 20089:18 am

    That’s about 5, 000 furlongs per fortnight.

    Just so you know . . . .

  6. George says: November 18, 20087:37 pm

    Don isn’t kidding, just plug “3 kilometers per hour in furlongs per fortnight =” into Google. I wonder if a seized engine might be a likely result — an over-hard working air-cooled engine does that sometimes.

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