Bike Disguised as Motorcycle (May, 1932)

Bike Disguised as Motorcycle
WHAT is this younger generation coming to? When you and I were kids a bike was a bike, and lucky was the boy to get one without any trimmings whatsoever. But now look! Even the tiny tots must have a bike, and an ordinary one won’t do. It must be designed as the Graf Zeppelin, or in this case, a real motorcycle.

  1. Al says: December 17, 200811:40 am

    A long time ago in a mis-spent childhood far far away, I had a similar item that attached to my bicycle.

    Mattel, understanding well the motorhead fascination of young American kids, produced a plastic motorcycle motor called the V-RROOM! This was, as stated, a plastic fake motorcycle engine, controlled by a key and a throttle. The key turned the sound effect (a motor banging weights against a diaphragm) and the throttle controlled the speed of said motor.

    A picture of a bicycle with said item fitted is:…

    Everything old ends up new again… Al

  2. jayessell says: December 17, 200812:58 pm

    Al… in this case, something old is older!

  3. Al says: December 17, 20081:05 pm

    HEY! I resemble that remark! 🙂

  4. Chris Radcliff says: December 17, 20082:44 pm

    Now I totally want a bike “designed as the Graf Zeppelin.”

  5. Tracy B. says: December 17, 20084:36 pm

    Now it is a motorcycle disguised as a bike (to get around the various local licenses, registrations, taxes, etc.) Such is a moped.

  6. jayessell says: December 17, 20087:49 pm

    Tracy…. Do you mean this….

    A motorcycle that looks like a bicycle.…

    The RevoPower Wheel.…

  7. Tracy B. says: December 17, 20088:34 pm

    Hey I like it.

    Usually the motor was merely a power assist device to the bicycle– it could transmit power to the front wheel by means of a friction wheel…

  8. Toronto says: December 18, 20087:16 pm

    Tracy – not all mopeds were ‘assist only’ nor were they all friction drive. I had a Puch that was chain drive and all but impossible to pedal – the pedals were strictly a legal requirement.

    Here in Ontario, recent changes to vehicle definitions have all but eradicated the stinky old things (most were 2 stroke) while at the same time making it easier to buy/license/drive small motorcyles and electric-assist bikes.

    Me? I pedal myself around these days, even in the snow.

  9. Tracy B. says: December 19, 20084:43 pm

    The wikipedia article on mopeds shows several configurations. When I was in college (1976-1981), there were all kinds of mopeds– I do remember to start them, you had to work the pedals.

  10. Jari says: December 19, 20085:27 pm

    Heck, we only had a piece of birch bark attached with laundry pegs rattling between the spokes in my time…. 🙂

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