BIKE for TWO (May, 1950)


A comfortable tandem seat convenient for small “back seat drivers” can be attached to the luggage rack of your bicycle. The seat, which will be welcomed by every kid you know, is made of three layers. The first, which rests directly on the rack, is a piece of 1/4 in. felt padding. The felt should be cut slightly larger than the carrier in order to protect its paint surface. On top of the felt, place a piece of 1/2 in. sponge rubber, which will act as a shock absorber for your rider. A piece of 1/8 in. leather, for durability, is finally fitted over the rubber. All three layers of the seat are held in place with three 1/4 in. carriage bolts.

Additional bracing for the seat may be provided by two strips, one on each side, of 2-1/2×1/4 in. hardened aluminum stock.

The tops are bolted to the carrier itself, while the lower ends are attached directly to the axle bolt, after holes have been bored into the aluminum. A pair of angles cut from the same material is bolted to these supports and provide foot rests for your passenger. These not only afford greater comfort, but also act as a safety measure, in that they prevent the youngster’s feet from becoming entangled in the wheel spokes.

The front upright handle is made from the same aluminum stock used previously. It is bent at the bottom to follow the contour of your carrier and is bolted to it with 1/4 in. bolts. A thinner strip of aluminum or strap iron, 1/8 in. thick, braces the upright. For a handle, use a 3/4 in. pipe attached to the upright.—Roland Wolfe

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