Bike Power Unit (Apr, 1951)

I don’t know how well this worked, but I love the idea of just tacking an engine onto the side of the wheel.

Bike Power Unit will convert any bicycle into an honest-to-goodness motor bike in 15 minutes. It attaches to the front wheel as shown. Its single-cylinder, three-horsepower air-cooled engine provides 100 miles to a gallon. Fuel tank is at top. American Brake Shoe, Rochester, N. Y.

  1. UKBB says: June 5, 20075:35 pm

    Revopower is developing one now that replaces the front wheel.…

  2. galessa says: June 5, 20076:10 pm

    the concept is wonderful.

  3. Gator says: July 20, 20082:09 pm

    Seeing that somebody was smart enough to build this prototype just imagine what we could do with the modern technology we have today. Who ever come up with this idea was a genius.

  4. Smitty says: November 27, 200811:12 pm

    Look up Smith Motor wheel to see it’s granddaddy. or follow this link to it’s patent:…

  5. Toronto says: November 28, 20082:09 am

    There was a derivation of this that surfaced briefly in the 1970s – the ‘bumble bike’. It was a tiny dirty 2-stroke with a friction drive designed to destroy your bike tire.

    They actually made Solex mopeds look good. At lest they had slightly better brakes than most bike people tried to convert.

  6. Bill says: September 2, 20099:48 pm

    My Bill and I actually own the Power unit pictured above that is attached to an original 1950 Schwin Heavy Duty {Same frame used for Whizzers} I also have another one unrestored and original in it’s original crate,with the American Brake Shoe name on it. For those wondering It does run and is very easy to ride, itsi also very quick @ over 40 mph

  7. bill says: April 8, 20101:16 pm

    It should be noted that RevoPower went bust. All those promises of their 2 cycle power wheel just empty promises.

  8. Bobby says: June 14, 201010:26 pm

    Hey Bill, is there any way we can get some pictures of the motors???

  9. Tony says: July 25, 20114:55 pm

    Hi my name is tony, I just inherited one of these from my uncle. It is on a schwinn B6 bicycle. Maybe looking to sell.

  10. Tom says: January 14, 20122:33 pm

    I also have one of these from my grandfather. would like to contact others, email at [email protected]

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