Bike Riding on Tight Wire Is Latest in Hollywood Fads (Sep, 1933)

I think the Modern Mechanix definition of a fad is “something somebody did once”.

Bike Riding on Tight Wire Is Latest in Hollywood Fads
RIDING her bicycle along the popular beach at Venice, California, near Hollywood was too tame a pastime for Billie Yuill, so with Isabelle Becker to help her maintain her balance she tried out the stunt illustrated. Taking the tires off the wheels of her bike and with Isabelle in a rope swing underneath her “bike,” she rode the lifeline along the beach.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: March 17, 200812:45 pm

    With the lower person heavy enough and slung far enough below the tightrope, it becomes impossible to fall over.

    Of course, with that fat rope she could accidentally ride right off: a large rope is flat enough so that it doesn’t “lock” into the wheel rim.

  2. Max says: March 17, 20089:04 pm

    I’d spend a lot more time at Venice Beach if they still had 1930s babes doing stunts like this.

  3. Diane says: January 28, 20114:05 pm

    My husband has one of the original tightrope motor bikes. I believe it is from the 1940’s and he is restoring it. Pretty excited about it.

  4. Toronto says: January 28, 20118:57 pm

    Max: well, okay, but those 20ish 1930 girls are about 100 years old now, and their walkers don’t handle sand well.

    (But once they’re up on the bike they’ll be fine.)

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