Bike Side Car for Baby Passenger (Jan, 1932)

Bike Side Car for Baby Passenger

AT A rally of bicycling enthusiasts held recently at Hedgerly, Buckinghamshire, England, a novel bicycle side car was demonstrated which makes it possible for parents to take along their infant offspring when they go for a ride in the country. This side car, shown above, is equipped with a single bike wheel, has a bed-shaped body, and is attached to the bike frame with a metal rod.

  1. Dawn Fleming says: September 13, 20086:07 pm

    I am looking for some information and hopefully a photograph of a bicycle and sidecar (capable of carrying a teenager) from circa 1900 – 1917. Known to be in Hobart area of Tasmania Australia. Do you know of a web page I may look this up.


  2. Toronto says: September 13, 20087:16 pm

    I posted a note on rec.bicycles.misc on your behalf. I’d be interested in hearing more about bike sidecars myself.

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