Bike That Grows (Jun, 1946)

Bike That Grows up with the child is this new model, recently exhibited in New York City. By a few seconds adjustment of the horizontal seat post of the bicycle, it can be adapted to the requirements of either child or adult rider.

  1. Charlene says: June 6, 20129:03 am

    Do you think that when she rings the bell, she says “one ringy-dingy…”

  2. JediaKyrol says: June 6, 201210:11 am

    Looks to me like an excuse to “accidentally” look up a lady’s skirt. Seriously…extending the pedal above the seat instead of…I don’t know…placing lifters on the seat and handle-bars. And that much exposed chain…I guess that’s to make sure she wears those short skirts…

    I wonder why they don’t make these anymore…

  3. Toronto says: June 6, 201212:06 pm

    They do. That bike would be classified as an OSS-SWB Recumbent (Over Seat Steering, Short Wheel Base). You can put a Teflon plastic tube over the chain (actually feed the chain through it.)

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