Billiards and Miniature Golf Combined in Table Game (Mar, 1931)

Billiards and Miniature Golf Combined in Table Game

BILLIARDS and miniature golf are combined in a new table game recently introduced. Regular golf balls are used, but billiard cues are used instead of clubs. To enjoy the game the player need not be expert at billiards nor proficient at golf, although the atmosphere of both diversions is present.

The game is planned so that by doubling back over the course nine holes can be played, with a complete change of shots as the bunkers present a different angle on the return. Par for the nine holes is thirty-two shots. If so desired, the tees, bunkers and hazards may be arranged in position on the floor, and the game played with a golf putter instead of a billiard cue, thus affording excellent putting practice.

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  1. Hirudinea says: April 10, 20124:16 pm

    I just can’t see this going over big in a smoke filled, Runyonesque, ’30s pool room.

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