Billy Pierce took a shower.. ..then he used Vitalis (Sep, 1956)

Billy Pierce took a shower.. ..then he used Vitalis

New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day

After exposure to water, wind or sun, Vitalis restores hair’s normal moisture balance better than leading cream or oil tonics. It makes even thick, unruly hair easy to manage. Yet you never have an oil-slick look, because Vitalis contains V-7, the greaseless grooming discovery. Try new Vitalis—you’ll like it. (And so will your teammate.)


  1. Repack Rider says: November 29, 20113:46 am

    He also closed his mouth.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: November 29, 201110:13 am

    My local independent drugstore still sells Vitalis. And Brylcreem, a/k/a “Greasy Kid Stuff.”

    Luckily, I don’t have to choose…I’m more than half bald.

  3. hwertz says: November 29, 20112:11 pm

    So, did advertisers back then assume people read the text and didn’t look at the photos? That guys hair looks greasy as hell, belying the text claiming “you never have an oil-slick look”.


  4. slim says: November 29, 20113:56 pm

    I tried Vitalis way back when and didn’t like it. It didn’t keep my hair in place and it smelled bad.

  5. Toronto says: November 29, 20114:30 pm

    Compared to Brilliantine or Brylcreem, it *was* less greasy. It always smelled like a barber shop to me – soap, leather, hydralic fluid, etc.

    Rick: There actually was a short-lived product named Greasy Kid Stuff, but it was a tag-along after Vitalis started using the phrase.

  6. Terry says: November 29, 20119:42 pm

    He looks so much sexier before he puts on the Vitalis.

  7. Charlene says: November 29, 201110:49 pm

    I was going to say, the left-hand photo looks like it’s from gay porn.

    Um…not that I would know.

  8. Mike says: November 30, 20115:56 am

    “TONIC WITH V-7”, the V-1 through 5 were horrible, six wasn’t bad but seven is where it is at.

  9. GaryM says: November 30, 20118:49 am

    Mike: And eight made a great vegetable juice cocktail.

  10. Stephen Edwards says: December 1, 20116:29 pm

    V2 was terrible; it kept exploding

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