Bird Embryo In Apricot (Dec, 1939)

That certainly is strange.

Bird Embryo In Apricot

ORNITHOLOGISTS in California were confronted with a puzzle when an apricot was found there with a well-developed bird embryo inside it.

  1. Bee says: August 13, 200711:06 am


  2. Randall says: August 26, 20071:51 am

    This is a shop. I can tell by the pixels and by having seen quite a few shops in my time.

  3. Charlie says: August 26, 20076:48 am

    It’s from 1939, I don’t think they had photoshop then.

  4. Mike Guy says: September 6, 20072:10 pm

    Or someone could have put a bird embryo in an Apricot and taken a picture, just saying.

  5. Dean says: September 9, 20078:51 pm

    Whatever it is… it’s the pits.

  6. Eliyahu says: May 15, 20084:25 pm

    Someone cut an apricot in half and not only didn’t make a nick on the bird embryo, but it was in perfect position for the photograph, facing just the right way? This one just about knocked my BS meter out of calibration…

  7. Adrian Gregg says: September 22, 20088:35 pm

    Yeh photoshop was huge in 1939, In fact if it wasn’t for the 4th world war 1940-1941, when the art of “PS” was banned in most states of the US and world wide, because of the immanent Communist threat, at first Russians believed in all the photos coming out of the west, most made by kids with nothing to do, as the pics were very disturbing to the commo’s the art of PS was banned as to stop world war 7 from starting over some PSed image.

    “having seen quite a few shops in my time” what time is that, are you older than 10?. I doubt it.. hey pally research before you open your baby smooth mouth !! he ah heeee

  8. Sid says: December 13, 20082:41 pm

    Hey einstein, how gullible can you get? its from 1939 just cause it says so in the heading? and the person who discovered it was looking for bird embryos in apricots? Otherwise how did he not cut the bird in half when he cut the apricot?

  9. name says: December 22, 20082:23 pm

    I think that apricot nut looks more like the virgin mary than a bird embryo! Get it? It’s a nut! duhhh

  10. Tom Brady says: January 29, 20092:29 pm

    You have your fruit cup !!!!Who sent that in.

  11. POThead.. "P.O.T. Plain Obvious Truth" says: April 30, 20099:26 pm

    OR.. the center is deformed and just looks like a bird embryo. No big deal. Look on the internet and you’ll find loads of photo’s that are one thing and appear as another. Like tree’s that look like faces. Or giant stones that look like body parts.. Or flaked off paint on the side of a building, burned toast ect that looks like Jesus or whatever.. There’s entire site dedicated to it. WOoPeeEe!

  12. Joshua Hrouda says: August 28, 20093:27 pm

    Randall: you’ve seen quite a few shops ?
    Yeah, most people (consumers) have!! We buy things from them!

    But seriously, the real question, is “How on earth did the bird develop an apricot as a shell?!?!”

  13. JMyint says: August 28, 20098:40 pm

    It’s just an apricot pit. Somebody cut open an apricot, saw that the pit was malformed and looked like a baby bird, and took a picture of it.

  14. Firebrand38 says: August 28, 200911:34 pm

    @Sid. You aren’t calling Charlie a liar are you? But yeah, Sherlock (Einstein was taken) if the heading says 1939 you can be sure that it’s from 1939. Photoshop indeed!

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