BISSELL’S Carpet Sweeper (Apr, 1916)

I love the last line of the ad which says: “Made in Canada, too.”
Does that mean it’s made in American AND Canada? Or are they saying, “Oh, by the way, it’s made in Canada.”?

BISSELL’S Carpet Sweeper

You should install a BISSELL’S Vacuum Sweeper for the thorough general cleaning; but you will need your BISSELL’S Carpet Sweeper just the same —

For daily sweeping and brushing up crumbs and litter; for the convenience of caring for the hundred and one sweeping requirements that hardly call for the powerful suction machine. It’s for these reasons that BISSELL’S Carpet Sweeper has been the world’s cleaning standby for over 40 years. Used in connection with BISSELL’S Vacuum Sweeper, you have the efficient, sanitary, and easy cleaning combination—the famous Bissell combination.

Carpet Sweepers are $2.75 to $5.25; Vacuum Sweepers and Cleaners (with and without brush), $7.50 and $9.00. Slightly higher in the far West, South, and Canada. Sold by dealers everywhere. Booklet on request.

Largest and Oldest Exclusive Manufacturers of Carpet
Sweeping Devices in the World
Dept. 172, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Made in Canada, too.

  1. Stannous says: February 23, 200712:43 pm

    I own one of these and use it all the time!
    The boars’ hair bristles still work great and it is easier than getting out the vacuum for a quick job.

  2. sue worster says: March 7, 20102:33 pm

    i own one of these dated 1908, just wondering what it would be worth now .

  3. Laurie Schmidt says: April 16, 20108:00 pm

    I just pick this sweeper up at a thrift store today. I was wondering what it could be worth?

    Thank you,

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