Bizarre Animal Headgear (Feb, 1947)

Latest Rural Head Lines

Bifocals Blackout Bulls. Farmers know a bull won’t charge when he can’t see. The Masbruch halter above, produced by the Russell Mfg. Co., Platteville, Wis., lets a bull walk and graze, but when he lowers his head to charge, his vision is blocked.

Horse Specs. Now come goggles to protect the eyes of race horses from mud clots and dust kicked up by their running mates. The specs are made by setting two Plexiglas bubbles into a regular set of blinkers. Showing off a pair, above, is Royal Hustle, first thoroughbred to wear them.

Kindly Weaner. Consisting of metal tabs that close over a calf’s mouth when it raises its head to nurse, the Shur-Way weaner, left, prevents injury to the mother cow and breaks the calf of its habit without punishment. Yet in no other way does it curb the calf’s freedom or keep it from feeding.

  1. Sydney says: June 26, 20086:52 am

    Who is the manufacturer of the “horse specs”..?.. where can they be purchased?
    thank you

  2. Gwyn says: October 12, 20088:26 am

    Hi Sydney, i too want to know where to find them. If you find any information, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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