Blimp-Like Trailer Is His Pride And Joy (Aug, 1941)

Blimp-Like Trailer Is His Pride And Joy

HARRY STEINMAN, Yonkers, N. Y., carpenter, proudly polishes the blimp-like trailer which he has been building in his spare time for the past three years. The exterior of the trailer is covered with strips of metal welded together and the design resembles a blimp, with portholes instead of windows. The interior is constructed for comfort and includes a complete kitchen. Steinman and his family will vacation in the trailer this summer.

  1. Don says: December 12, 20079:02 am

    Looks like an Airstream copy (they’ve been in production since the mid-30s) . . . .

  2. Craig says: December 12, 200710:56 am

    I really, really have to wonder how that door opens. It either has massive inside hinge-arms to compensate for the curved plane it’s opening against or a single hinge at the middle of its height. Or maybe it’s a pressure-hatch type that swings inside. The mind boggles.

  3. Charlie says: December 12, 200711:59 am

    Maybe the hinge is on top and it goes up?

  4. jayessell says: December 12, 20071:14 pm

    I choose #3: Hinge at top.
    I see what looks like a handhold at the bottom.

    Now I wonder how THAT would work.
    Massive springs? A counterweight?
    Mayhaps something like an aluminum ladder opening and closing?

  5. Slim says: December 12, 20073:28 pm

    I wonder if the poor guy got to take his summer vacation trip since we entered WWII in December of that year.

  6. mrchurchill109 says: December 13, 20076:32 am

    I have to say that I like the doggone thing. it’s got a certain style, considering the thing was whacked together in the guy’s back yard!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to hitch it up – though stuffing a whole family in this thing for a vacation seems a recipe for disaster to me.

    I wish the article had a view of the internal layout.


  7. Odon says: July 17, 20084:06 am

    I think the door hinges at the bottom – with small steps attached to the other side. That would solve the counterweight problem. What about heat though – wouldn’t this summer vehicle heat up with that metal exterior?

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