Blinders for Learners Teach Driving Dangers (Dec, 1938)

Blinders for Learners Teach Driving Dangers

To demonstrate how defective vision and dirty side windows on an automobile can affect the driving efficiency of motorists, students of a traffic school drive a special car equipped with dual controls while they wear glasses that distort their eyesight and blinders that narrow their field of vision, making them unable to see to the right or left without turning their heads. An instructor accompanying each student takes over the duplicate set of controls whenever driving conditions become dangerous enough to justify it.

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  1. Matt says: May 6, 20088:53 pm

    Something like this is still used to teach pilots to fly a plane on instruments, even when the weather is good. One version is basically a hood that prevents you from looking up and out of the aircraft windows; you can only see the instruments. Another version is like a set of clear glasses with the top half etched or frosted so it’s hard to look out of the windows. These are only used in combination with an instructor in the co-pilot’s seat.

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