Blossom out with Crispness (May, 1942)

Blossom out with Crispness

“Chirping robins, bursting buds –
Goodbye breakfasts that are duds!
Serve Rice Krispies – dish sublime.
Put your world in merry chime!”

they’re like a dish from some never-never land… delicious… amazingly different! When you pour milk or cream over an ordinary cereal, what happens? Dead silence. But not with golden Kellogg’s Rice Krispies! Instantly, they snap! crackle! pop! to tell you how crisp they are from the first bite to the last.

Nothing prosy about Rice Krispies’ flavor, either. Kellogg’s special recipe, oven-popping and toasting, give a zestful richness. Perfect for un-kinking fussy appetites.

Get in stride with spring. Serve Rice Krispies!

“Rice Krispies” is a trade mark (Reg. U. S. Pat.Off.) of Kellogg Co. for its oven-popped rice.

Rice Krispies

If it’s a Kellogs Cereal it’s the finest of its kind!

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